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Greg Boe for Carver County Commissioner - District 1


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Greg Boe for Carver County District 1

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Donations can be mailed to Greg Boe at: PO Box 216, Chaska, MN 55318 Important notes about donations / contributions for a County Commissioner race: CONTRIBUTION LIMITS: Candidates or candidate’s committees for county, municipal, or school district offices may not accept aggregate contributions (from any one person) in excess of $600 in an election year, or in excess of $250 in a non-election year. Donations that exceed $100 during a calendar year must be reported, including the donors name, address, employer (or occupation, if self-employed), amount given, and date(s) of the contribution(s). This information must be provided as part of the Campaign Financial Report reporting requirements. Reports are filed with Carver County. Copies can be found on their website under elections and “Candidate Filing Information.” Personal donations only please (checks, or cash). No business, PAC, or similar non- individual donations will be accepted. The Political Contribution Refund (PCR) program is not available for county level candidates.